Some posts, numerous views and multiple followers in a single year !! It has been a year of blogging !! To be specific the blog has gathered 18 posts, 4798 views and 500 followers !! Throughout this year there were some topics that I wished to write about, but couldn’t find conclusions for them, thus […]

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I want to meet myself from someone else’s point of view An eye-catching phrase, isn’t it? Well, I found it significantly accurate. It’s not that people’s outlook matters a lot to me but genuinely, umpteen times I find myself pondering upon “what did they perceive me as? ” That’s because I have a viewpoint regarding […]

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Safe now?

In addition to the brutally shattered 8-year-old, a slogan(apparently raised for creating awareness ) is deeply disturbing. “Take back the night,” it says ! as if the victims have to do something to prevent these atrocities.These weeping words won’t lead to the difference but the sword of justice surely will. Kidnapped, raped, drugged, tortured, starved […]

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O Alquimista – I

This post and maybe few of my future posts would revolve around my recent read . A book that is something more than just words, a fable that seems to speak and a tale of six days of creation and their aspects.These 200 pages are wrapped with a story of fate, destiny, omen, soul, prognostication, desires, beliefs, […]

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The Rollercoaster 

Currently my social feed is crowded with new year messages ⛩️ and one question ,”how was your 2017 ??” 2017 for me was no less than a rollercoaster .  It began with batch segregation , one thing led to other and the year went by . Anxiety had started piling up as the entrance exams 📖 […]

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Liebster Award

Just a day after I wrote my letter to the “list reader” 😉 I received a notification about this award . So I am not able to make out if its a coincidence or my present 😂😂 . Liebster is a german word that means sweetheart 🖤 or more precisely it means favorite . This […]

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Today’s word that blinked on my timeline was cherish . As soon as I read this word a treasured memory striked my thoughts . Christmas has always been very close to my heart . Right from when I was a toddler till date , I eagerly wait for this occasion . The decorated churches 💒 […]