Still halfway to nowhere

I have been waiting all this while to find a way ,
I have been waiting for sunshine to make the hay.
Though i have walked millions of steps till date ,
Sometimes I wonder is my unmapped destination worth the wait ?

Everyone’s asking me to run towards something amazing ,
But I need someone to show me , what I am actually chasing.
The grass is always greener on other side, they say ,
Why isn’t this so called other side ever put on display ?

Just like every tunnel end has its light ,
Similarly , all bright days own the following night.
Each exultant checkpoint escalates me to cloud nine ,
But soon I fall down to realize that this ain’t the finish line .

It feels like I reside in multiple mirages,
Its probably because I have been falling for them since ages.
Occasionally it seems as if I am almost there,
Only to realize I am still halfway to nowhere.

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