The worst-kept secret

Which is a mammoth task? Accepting or conceding with the accepted?

The easiest trick to unsettle any person is to pretend that you know something which they don’t. The sensation of NOT KNOWING usually gets on to everyone’s nerves, doesn’t it? The irony here is we also believe in the statement that “what you don’t know, can’t affect you”. Now here arises a situation where you have to choose. Is it the lack of known that gnaws you away or does it act as the ice on your head?

While you are pondering hard on your alternative, did it strike you that maybe these two things can coexist? Maybe it’s not always necessary to choose. Maybe sometimes things don’t have to be black OR white rather they could be black AND white? On one hand, we do not appreciate secrets but on another hand, we thrive on them. So much of what we are is a secret. Some of which have been hidden with the intention of never being revealed either to others or to ourselves. Those that we don’t divulge to ourselves are the chief secrets: THE WORST KEPT SECRETS.  Usually, the skeleton in the cupboard is the unrevealed AND. A simple word which emphasises on the fact that the two realities we’re struggling to choose between are equally existent and conceding with both would erase their complexity. Is it really difficult to say that;

I am comfortable and a bit out of place,

I want to be a part of everything and need my space,

I am dependent and can decide for myself.


Is adding the AND actually as back-breaking as we make it seem. When concurring with AND makes anything and everything so much easier then why is it pushed into an inaccessible compartment? A compartment that is protected with denial. Where it grows to have a life of its own, turns into a pseudo strength AND becomes the WORST KEPT SECRET.



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