While penning this down I feel like a magician with red-lined cape, waving a wand over an upended top hat. ABRACADABRA , a hebrew phrase that literally means ” It will be created in my words” has casted its spell on me and how !! Today as I complete 2 years of blogging I can definitely say that there’s no better illusion than those made up of words !!Abracadabra ! Many of us are familiar with this mystical incantation but it’s more than just an impressive sounding claptrap. It is the most powerful wizardry , it is ” if I have to sound logical” the art of transmitting words : a type of communication technique.

Ever wondered how you engage with someone and get their wavelength quickly as if you have known them for ages while it takes time to adjust with others ?? This feeling is based on complex interplay between sensation , perception and physical sense . Words are known to have power to evoke feelings , sound , movements and images . They create waves of implications and consequences. If you observe , there are certain patterns in the manner an individual arranges words . A well working plan can be described in 3 different ways ” Things are looking great” a visual person would say ; an auditory person would put it as ” that sounds amazing” where as “execution is moving perfect” would be the words of a kinaesthetic.People with similar sense of “Visual Auditory Kinaesthetics” connect easily .

By now you would have realized which one are you and why your VAK twin never fails to surprise you !! This is exactly the pre procedure of ABRACADABRA , you connect then you relate and finally you believe !! All of your thoughts are created & conveyed through your words . With this 2 year old blog & 33 posts , I just want to express how wonderful it is to read every abstraction that’s created by words !!!

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