There’s always a favourite city ! right ?

Ever wondered why all of us connect to different cities in distinct ways and due to contrasting reasons? All cities essentially serve similar purpose, there are hundreds of things that all of them have in common. You can hail a cab, grab a meal, feed birds in almost every city but in spite all of this there’s something that differentiates them. Actually, there ‘s a list. Just like every individual owns a set of quirks that add up to form his personality, similarly, every city has its own characteristics that set it apart from others. Every city has its own dialect, language, fashion sense, pre-established notions and story just like any other person around. A city is nothing more or nothing less than a person, one can easily treat it as any other fellow human and read its personality rather personacity.

They are as alive, as feeling, as fickle and as uncertain as us. Their degrees of love and devotion are as varying as with any human relations. Some of them have a fast-paced life, some have good looks they offer the best possible climate & scenery, most of them are sensible, peaceful, calm and few among them are spiritual and religious. They have a thought process and sense of choosing too. We think that we have pet cities, I really believe the cities have preferred kind of people too. That justifies why each one of us has experienced a different side, a city of love easily portrays itself as a city of thieves to those it doesn’t wish to accept. When it accepts you with open arms you are a lucky one in the city of light else you are lost in the city of night.

Despite all the similar characteristics that we share, the cities are somehow more humane than us. Even if they give you a hard day by the end they come around and mould themselves into a comfort zone, a place where you are safe enough to get through all the days where you’ll feel lost. Are we capable of offering this kind of reassurance ??

3 thoughts on “Person-A-city

  1. Well.. For all that this is worth! I feel like someone just spoke out what i used to think.. Cheers to you blogger! May a city of thoughts introduce you to a city of adventures!

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