Can you feel your thoughts or do you think before you feel ??

If I say that I would prefer expressing my thoughts and think about my emotions, would that be termed as acting ?? Probably many would say that CALCULATED EMOTIONS is just a sugarcoated word for being pretentious, whereas all of us actually function on this concept. Emotions are universal and are similar across all humans, but feelings are sparked by emotions and painted by personal beliefs, memories, and thoughts linked to that particular emotion. Maybe you label your thoughts as emotions, both are parts of experiences, of course, thoughts can’t be felt like a pinprick but they are closely related to your reactions.

Imagine its a bright happy day and suddenly a person with a wide smile faces you and urges you to yell at him, further he asks you to do so while keeping your mind completely blank. Would you be able to do it? perhaps you could try clenching your fists or frown, would you be able to maintain it? Cut two: its the same scenario but now you are permitted to picture an incident that would induce anger, does this help ?? I believe it does. Having an object to be angry about means you associate thoughts about someone or something that provoked you. Without these connecting thoughts as supplements, emotions cannot stand on their own. Consider you feel afraid, before actually experiencing fear, you seek validation probably by checking for any real threat and if you don’t sense any true threat, you work on managing the feeling. Basically, thoughts provide substance to feelings and justify them. Have you noticed the difference in the way you tend to react to your siblings & your parents even if the ball game remains the same? That’s because based on the previous events we tend to calculate the extent up to which we are allowed to exhibit our emotions. When somebody’s extent of expressing matches with ours, it appears like the other person can read our mind and that seems very fascinating !!

Thoughts induce feelings or feelings induce thoughts?! These two concepts are like chicken & egg, we keep wondering about which one is first? On the other hand, it is equally true that we don’t feel anything without a reason, emotions are like reflexes they are always associated with external influence and usually they are thoughts.


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