I feel home sick for a place ,
I never knew existed.
For I have found a set of people so perfect,
As if my thoughts had them scripted.

A rare combination of warmth and words icy cold,
Slightly naive with a conscience as pure as gold.
Debater to an extent but always plays fair ,
The one with bleeding heart yet pretends not to care.

She’s an open book with secrets untold,
Blissfully ignorant but typically bold.
Awkward she stands with a well refined core,
Forever forgiving yet keeps the score.

Willingly dynamic and naturally outspoken ,
Like a heart of glass that’s easily broken.
She’s a perceptive yet acts like a child,
Lot more insightful but a little love blind.

Though brilliant he is easily amused ,
Ready with solutions still a bit confused.
Would prefer to lie on couch & read for years ,
Unfolds the people around like wind , ocean and rivers.

She’s not a person but my mirror ,
So secretive that literally no one completely knows her.
With truths hidden in what’s meant but not said,
She buries her fears in what’s said but not meant.

As the spell would have it ,
ABRACADABRA adds up to 365.
You all are like some beautiful excerpt,
Which has come to life.

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