National Poetry Writing Month

Prompt II : Pancakes

Hurling my bag on the bedroom couch,
I cribbed & complained about the day.
Look at you, you’ve become a grouch,
Giggled grandpa from the hallway.

My day was dreadful I scowled,
Why aren’t all hours identically radiant I griped out loud.
Oh my darling I’ll teach you to have fun,
Cheered grandpa as he walked out from the kitchen.

He sat beside me,
I stared at him in surprise.
For he offered me four plates of pancakes,
Instead of narrating verses that are wise.

Mapel syrup, honey, apple or berry,
Choose the best one he demanded.
Well the choice shouldn’t take too much time,
Afterall they all are just the same he commanded.

Don’t be baffled just the toppings are vibrant,
The cakes beneath are identical but the coating is different.
These are like your days he persisted,
Choose your toppings wisely he insisted.

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