This ain’t true

National Poetry Writing Month

Prompt I: Confession

Everyone is different,
You need not get along with all.
Let others witness the trained side,
Only a few will stick through the fall.

Pretension is labelled as fake,
I cease to understand why.
It transforms everything into bliss,
Then quietly just passes by.

Out there, I have a social circle,
All of them know a different ME.
But don’t dismiss the anecdotes they narrate,
All are a distinct part of the same story.

Everyone has their share of rough times,
And each one needs his space.
That’s when pretension is the tool,
It efficiently masks your face.

It’s alright to be a people pleaser,
Eventually you’ll concede too.
But never try to confront yourself,
Else you’ll claim that this ain’t true.


2 thoughts on “This ain’t true

  1. I love how you addressed this. Sometimes it’s a blessing when we lose the fake.
    And yes, the real friends stick through the tides and walks it through with you. This applies to us too with our friends. 🙂💯

    Liked by 1 person

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