“JOUSKA”, eye-catching word, ain’t it? . It caught my attention because I for one have experienced it so many times. Almost each one of us has been in a situation where we have found ourselves compulsively playing out an hypothetical conversation in our head, and that exactly is JOUSKA. Of-course there’s no need to elaborate […]

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This ain’t true

National Poetry Writing Month Prompt I: Confession Everyone is different, You need not get along with all. Let others witness the trained side, Only a few will stick through the fall. Pretension is labelled as fake, I cease to understand why. It transforms everything into bliss, Then quietly just passes by. Out there, I have […]

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“Do you remember who you were , before the world told you who you should be ?” “Who are you?” is the most frequently asked question. But do we genuinely understand who we are? In spite of being repeatedly asked, we still remain unaware of our true being. The usual answers to this question are […]

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