The Last Page

Angry ? – Last Page

Secret ? – Last Page

Important ? – Last Page

Reminder ? – Last Page

The last page is always to the rescue.

I often wonder what if the last page could speak, it would speak to you like you, of you and about you. No, this is not the cliche, last page is the collection of memories and a treasure, kind of a write-up. It might be similar but I would like to believe it’s different, after all, it’s about my last page so whatever I scrawl there is the ultimate truth. The last page is one of the many fascinating things we fail to acknowledge during our daily routine. It is a collection of unconscious truths, ideal situations, present moment, wild imaginations and what not. It’s like a personal utopia, all that’s scribbled here is neither out of compulsion nor intentional, most of the times it doesn’t even make sense, but it’s just there and it’s usually perfect.

We all have our last page person, last page food, last page place, last page memory and above all a last page story. There’s rough work, tic tac games, pen checkmarks, erased chats, random art and always a bit of extra space whenever needed, possess exactly the same characteristics as our last page person who’s the epitome of easement. The last page place is like the arcady, it’s not special due to its ambience and it doesn’t even have to be fancy but it’s the perfect physical manifestation of comfort zone. The last page story has varied definitions and no other person can do justice in comprehending it, it is simple and has no cliff hangers yet it’s the most interesting and honest chronicle.

This is the whole nine yards about the last page but despite all of this no one will ever try to manipulate, rearrange or invade your last page tale and that is the beauty of it. The last page is so much more than what it is credited for and with every discrete notebook, there’s a newfangled but equally honest last page.


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