An Eternal Polyseme

There exists a delicate beauty everywhere around , that symbolizes love , admiration , appreciation , gratitude , joy and every emotion one can think of . There is a wealth of culture behind this symbolism . The Rose , a flower that holds its place in every scene . From history to literature , […]

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From treating virtual world as a break from the real one to considering it as an alternative . We have started replacing the reality with an illusion . We are shifting from visiting the virtual world to residing in it . Friend circles have now become friend lists , sweet conversations have become unending chats […]


A Promise !!

Mentor , guide , well-wisher and plenty other synonyms strike our mind when we think about the word “TEACHER” . “Teaching” the sole passion that stands strong behind every other existing profession . I didn’t term it as profession because for any professional it is not possible to invest their time , energy and effort […]

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Start with Snack

SNACK !!! as we read it , first thought that strikes is “Ah !! those delicacies !!” .  But lets look at it in a philosophical way , that small portion of happiness (this word goes hand in hand with every topic) , inspiration , kindness , memories and care which we need to cherish […]

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A journey worth it !!

So let me start by telling you all about the journey I have mentioned. This is that journey where you have companions not followers and with every checkpoint when you look beside , you realize who are there in your life for a reason and who were there for a season. By the time you […]

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The shadows of silence !!

While having a conversation with someone , if the other person chooses to remain silent , do we consider it as a response or the person’s reluctance to talk any further ? We feel that it depends upon the situation but usually it depends on “our” perspective towards the listener , right ? ” SILENCE […]

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The twist of time !!

Hi guys !! considering the title , first thought that must have come to your mind is how is this blog going to be different than other things that are already said about time , but just wanted to share my views on the warrior called time . ” TIME ” is not a new topic for anybody […]

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