Blogger Appreciation Award

Nothing could have been better than receiving this nomination for TINSELTOWN. With every write up that I publish, I try to align it with a direction that is relatable to all. TINSELTOWN is by far my only post which was difficult to put through, everyone has a TINSELTOWN of their own and generalising it in […]

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The Rollercoaster 

Currently my social feed is crowded with new year messages ⛩️ and one question ,”how was your 2017 ??” 2017 for me was no less than a rollercoaster .  It began with batch segregation , one thing led to other and the year went by . Anxiety had started piling up as the entrance exams 📖 […]

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Today’s word that blinked on my timeline was cherish . As soon as I read this word a treasured memory striked my thoughts . Christmas has always been very close to my heart . Right from when I was a toddler till date , I eagerly wait for this occasion . The decorated churches 💒 […]


To , The list reader 

Dear Santa ,  I think the last time I entered your name to the receiver’s section was when I had added “SANTA” to my wish list . Many years have passed by since then . I hope you are still the same plump , wish granting factory in a red costume and white beard 🎅.  […]

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That Day

Memories haunt and fears remain , but the souls and the city stood up again . A salute to all the valiant martyrs , who still reside in the heart of the nation . 9 years to the day , that shattered every single being .  The day of 26/11 ,when hundreds of mothers cried […]

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My Frame

Recently I came across a post , that read : “being groomed is not the task , but acknowledging the reasons behind it is definitely one” . When I saw this ,at first, I completely agreed with it , but as I proceeded with this blog , it was totally different . I realised it […]

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An Eternal Polyseme

There exists a delicate beauty everywhere around , that symbolizes love , admiration , appreciation , gratitude , joy and every emotion one can think of . There is a wealth of culture behind this symbolism . The Rose , a flower that holds its place in every scene . From history to literature , […]

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From treating virtual world as a break from the real one to considering it as an alternative . We have started replacing the reality with an illusion . We are shifting from visiting the virtual world to residing in it . Friend circles have now become friend lists , sweet conversations have become unending chats […]


A Promise !!

Mentor , guide , well-wisher and plenty other synonyms strike our mind when we think about the word “TEACHER” . “Teaching” the sole passion that stands strong behind every other existing profession . I didn’t term it as profession because for any professional it is not possible to invest their time , energy and effort […]

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