“Do you remember who you were , before the world told you who you should be ?” “Who are you?” is the most frequently asked question. But do we genuinely understand who we are? In spite of being repeatedly asked, we still remain unaware of our true being. The usual answers to this question are […]

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First Year to Forever !!

Today when I tuned in to a radio station , the RJ put up a question asking about group hangout place . While I held on to the thought , a friend sitting beside immediately smiled and responded “what’s ours ??! “. This one moment flashed a collection of all the amazingly asinine memories we […]

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Courage of Conviction

MAJORITY is one man with the courage of his convictions The moment we think of courage, thoughts of bravery strikes our mind, like knights in shining armour rescuing damsels in distress, but courage is something more than that, courage is the quiet resolve and commitment to act bravely, it is overcoming your own fears. Fears […]

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Some posts, numerous views and multiple followers in a single year !! It has been a year of blogging !! To be specific the blog has gathered 18 posts, 4798 views and 500 followers !! Throughout this year there were some topics that I wished to write about, but couldn’t find conclusions for them, thus […]

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I want to meet myself from someone else’s point of view An eye-catching phrase, isn’t it? Well, I found it significantly accurate. It’s not that people’s outlook matters a lot to me but genuinely, umpteen times I find myself pondering upon “what did they perceive me as? ” That’s because I have a viewpoint regarding […]

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Safe now?

In addition to the brutally shattered 8-year-old, a slogan(apparently raised for creating awareness ) is deeply disturbing. “Take back the night,” it says ! as if the victims have to do something to prevent these atrocities.These weeping words won’t lead to the difference but the sword of justice surely will. Kidnapped, raped, drugged, tortured, starved […]

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