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Is LOVE only about joy, bliss and compassion? Aren’t emotions like anger, fondness and respect in the same category? Why do we majorly tend to romanticize the idea of love? The love which is termed as bliss when it glows is the same love that turns into anger when it blows. Then why define it? […]

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Much more to you

As we grow independent the very first “MANTRA” that we accustom ourselves to is “DECISION IS THE ULTIMATE POWER”. Gradually we learn that ” YOUR DECISIONS ARE YOUR RESPONSIBILITY”. As we move forward we jumble all these concepts and make a deduction that since our decision affect our own self thus they should be self-centric. […]

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Socially awkward, are you??

How often do you feel uncomfortable in a place where almost every person around is unfamiliar? actually, let me put it in simpler words. Imagine that you are in an alien location, you sense a person staring at you and is very likely to initiate a conversation anytime soon(because you are the one who’s standing […]

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“Do you remember who you were , before the world told you who you should be ?” “Who are you?” is the most frequently asked question. But do we genuinely understand who we are? In spite of being repeatedly asked, we still remain unaware of our true being. The usual answers to this question are […]

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First Year to Forever !!

Today when I tuned in to a radio station , the RJ put up a question asking about group hangout place . While I held on to the thought , a friend sitting beside immediately smiled and responded “what’s ours ??! “. This one moment flashed a collection of all the amazingly asinine memories we […]

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