ORDINARY (Simplifying Further)

My poems are published!! I’m thrilled to even type this sentence, it’s been such a fulfilling journey for me from blogging to actually getting published. I have been blogging for the past 5 years and my today’s blog is about MY OWN BOOK!!
So, here’s to everyone who took out time to read and review my blog posts and write-ups. My collection of 20 poems has been published as a book by the name ORDINARY: SIMPLIFYING FURTHER.

These poems particularly revolve around common thoughts, periodic incidents, and simple perspectives [just like my blogs]. ORDINARY things that essentially define us.

Here’s a poem from my book:

After the Fire
We reside in a competition,
Persistently vying.
We are a part of an unceasing conflict,
Hesitantly Complying.
Existing in a cosmetic time,
Governed by exaggeration.
Painting a specious canvas,
With every moment orchestrated as an
Sticking to one’s guns,
All desire to be exceptional.
Everything must be eye-catching,
It’s stiff to be flexible.

Be “a little extra than the ordinary”,
Is the approved melody.
It’s great to be exceptional,
Until individuality is in jeopardy.
The urge to outshine,
Surging perpetually.
Every soul out there,
On the brink of absurdity.
Wondering about the missing stash of
After the fire of uncertainty,
It’ll be acceptable to be ordinary?

If you find this one worth the read, I’m sure the others would be appealing too. It’s an honest attempt and a tick on my bucket list!!

Please give it a read and I’m eagerly waiting for your feedback and suggestions.

It is available on:


6 thoughts on “ORDINARY (Simplifying Further)

  1. Congrats Mahika….I am ordering your book
    I always loved to read your blogs,
    You have an art to build a empire from a single brick of thought using minimal words.
    Loads of wishes…Keep writing

    Liked by 1 person

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