“JOUSKA”, eye-catching word, ain’t it? . It caught my attention because I for one have experienced it so many times. Almost each one of us has been in a situation where we have found ourselves compulsively playing out an hypothetical conversation in our head, and that exactly is JOUSKA. Of-course there’s no need to elaborate the feeling of comfort and ease after this kind of conversation but it’s far more amusing than it seems. It’s rather surprising that we just overlook this emotion, treat it like a subconscious habit and more often than not ignore it’s existence. Recently I came across a very interesting book “The Voices Within” and was rather amazed to read Charles Fernyhough’s perspective on this particular topic.

Everything is said and written about how language is the hallmark of humanity and it’s capable of establishing a deep relation between varied individuals. Although we tend to ignore that when we learn to converse with others we also talk to ourselves. Initially out loud then in our heads. This is known as verbal thinking and it’s almost 10 times faster than our conventional speech. Now, there’s a huge different in thinking and verbal thinking. “Think” has a vast meaning, it’s like a background process sometimes you aren’t even aware of it but our minds contain many different perspectives, and when they argue or confer or talk over each other that’s known as verbal thinking. We are all fragmented, and struggling to create the illusion of a coherent ‘me’ from moment to moment. Let aside the scripted dialogue with yourself, sometimes we even imagine how a conversation might take place between other individuals. These hypothetical conversations have functions in imagination, in creating alternative realities and it has these roles in motivation, very commonly as we see in sports. Where people will psych themselves up, but also tell themselves off. Sometimes it also happens that, you keep a thought or emotion to yourself and in your head it seems negative but when you express it out it doesn’t seem as gloomy as before. This suggest we can have a misjudgment about our own experience and if we aren’t able to comprehend ourselves in our own mind then that’s pretty wild.

When in doubt, we tend to ask for advises but actually we are just looking for a ‘gut check’. It’s like flipping a coin, head & tails may both seem same before flipping but when in air we desperately wish for that one outcome, similarly when in uncertainty we look out for someone who’ll tell us the one thing we want to hear. Basically we seek for comfort similar to verbal thinking in a physical form. With all of this said, one can’t deny that replaying a lost argument and coming up with a better comeback each time is an unmatched feeling. So, next time you feel elevated after a dull experience don’t fail to notice the existence of JOUSKA.

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