What if?

Today, with this post my blog completes 3 years. Initially, when I thought about it, the plan was to draft a short and sweet write up about how it’s been overwhelming to have maintained my consistency of posting blogs for 3 years. Just then it struck me, what if I had given up on the very idea of this blog. Impulsive answer to this question was, I would have regretted not having it and so on, but when I actually gave it a thought I could make out that probably it wouldn’t have even mattered. I couldn’t have possibly known the joy of having a platform to express so there’s no way I would have missed it. Although the only difference would be, I would have remained unaware of the intensity of my inclination towards this hobby. This one “What if” got me thinking about so many ‘what ifs‘ however the most prominent one was ” what if I knew that 18th March 2020 was going to be the one day before lockdown? It’ was going to be the one day before everything went topsy turvy?. Of course, I would have done things differently, probably I wouldn’t have made a fuss about waking up early and travelling to college, the plans that were kept for the next day would have been put to action immediately. Well I guess, all of us would have spent that day diversely and right now each one of us perfectly knows what could have been done, the only odd was we reserved all these potential ace moments for future.

Just to be clear, all that I have jotted down doesn’t go anywhere near to “live each day like it’s your last” and that’s because I do not find this sentiment practical. This particular ideology would just lead to impulsive, breakneck and whirlwind plan “A”s. Instead, if we surmise an uncertain change in lifestyle everyone out there will have a balanced plan A and along with that plan B, C, D will also be chalked out. To sum up, instead of outlining your way of living on the basis of “what if I don’t wake up tomorrow?”  it would be more sensible to work things out on the grounds that “what if I wake up as a potato tomorrow?“. The underlined meaning being, what if the convention of life changes the next day, you’ll have all the time but no guidelines, no mechanism. So rather than relishing whole nine yards in one day, we might as well be prepared to execute the whole shooting match at any given day irrespective of any given situation.

I’m not claiming that this ideology will eradicate the “what ifs“. Probably it’ll create a different chain of what-ifs, maybe what-ifs have a permanent space for themselves. Having said this, it’s equally true that executing stuff differently doesn’t necessarily mean that the outcome would differ. Presumably, we may end up in the exact same situation as now but saying what if? with a chuckle is far better than saying what if? with a sigh.  



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