ये ऐसा सिलसिला नहीं.

National Poetry Writing Month

Prompt III: Poem incorporating favourite song lyrics

Moments with favourites are never enough,
This fact is no new story.
All of us dread the long distance,
The cherished bonds suddenly appear blurry.

Memories linger with a hint of tear,
A glorious big goodbye is what we crave,
Wrapped happily beneath our nostalgia,
Half heartedly we bid the wave.

Goodbye coffee at our regular cafe ,
A perfect finish envisages a bestfriend.
Wish I had been a courteous student,
Every school kid covets an idyllic end.

All these emotions are for varied relations,
Friends, family or teachers they may be,
Amidst the echos we tend to neglect,
जो ख़त्म हो किसी जगह, ये ऐसा सिलसिला नहीं.

Treasured connections have no end point,
But they surely deserve an until next time.
So just walk up to your tribe and make a plea,
अभी ना जाओ छोड़कर के दिल अभी भरा नहीं.

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