Zeroth Epoch

National Poetry Writing Month

Prompt II : A poem your six year old self would have loved to read

Its only about you,
no one else can see the magic.
You can reach the unreachable star,
That’s the reason you are terrific.

You point out 7 million wonders ,
While many just know seven.
You know you can befriend the moon,
For, in bed time stories it sounds like heaven.

Your existence will be in certain biscuits , songs , scents and not just in picture,
In the teens you will get to use your practiced signature.
Don’t worry there are no greater troublemakers than the television wizards & witches,
Nothing is as difficult as balancing the light switches.

Not much will change even at 16 & 26,
Probably you’ll find yourself still craving for the cake mix.
You would wish to change nothing but feel few moments twice,
You’ll have different shades just like a rolling dice.

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