The other side

National Poetry Writing Month

Prompt 1 :- A letter I would never post

It’s difficult to be there and not open up,
It’s difficult to know everything yet shut up.
Sometimes I feel my thoughts are split up in two,
One part is me being me and other is me being you.

Though everything expressed seems complete,
There’s much more unsaid that wasn’t a part of it.
Lost and found stand few emotions,
Fear shatters them to dust by labeling them as pre-conceived notions.

Subtle postulations have become an entity,
Being discreet is now a part of my personality.
I know, many a times you wish to be pronounced,
However, you are something I don’t want to announce.

It would be easier if I get this utterance conveyed,
But you aren’t the one who would prefer to be displayed.
Probably the masked side of me is busy finding a coast,
While I write to it a letter that I would never post.

7 thoughts on “The other side

  1. I have so many things which I’ve written which I was so dissatisfied with publishing. They just weren’t developing in the direction I wanted. Then there are things I just knew wasn’t time to.publish I keep them unpublished until I hear them call.

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