Run of the mill

Have you ever come across a thought, wherein you felt that moments seem epic when you are in them but as soon as you move some distance away, they no more seem fancy? Rather, if they are to be put down on a paper, you would immediately start scanning for something special, beautiful, interesting and out of the box. The little tokens that once seemed attractive would now seem usual, and just like a game board, no matter how many times the die is rolled, it would be these little tokens just moving here and there thus making every second ORDINARY. So you continue adding these jiffs as if there was something you forgot to count, some stash of glory that fell off the back of a truck. This is the point where “being average” starts to gain a negative connotation. We are hard-wired to be a social climber and conditioned to believe that in simple thrive we should be anything but simple and thus we crave to be something EXTRA than the ORDINARY.

It is special to be ordinary and go on. It is okay to enjoy a game and not make it to a national team, it is okay to be generous without being declared as an admired hero. Our perception of “average” solely measures the superficial criterion of self-celebration and disregards virtuous qualities like compassion and dependability. One of the major reason behind biblical times being considered as quintessential is the presence of MORAL-REALISM. Today almost everyone aspires to be more accomplished than the rest of the crowd and it is absolutely alright, however, wouldn’t it be better if it stands on a strong foundation of self-awareness? Now it may have crossed your mind that a combination like this is nothing more than an illusion, but let me clarify, you have encountered it. Some of the most seemingly USUAL folks who don’t make it to a magazine cover, don’t receive maximum attention yet live a modest life and contribute the greatest to the society are TEACHERS. Wasn’t it a quiet ORDINARY example??

Its time we redefine ORDINARY with terms like “free of unnecessary drama”. Being a happy average Joe doesn’t mean that one should dim the lights and play down on strengths. It’s no excuse for laziness, rather it is a way to dream big and be CONTENTED not STAGNANT. The ironic part is, our underlying need to stand out has aggravated to such an extent that, if ever we have to be simple and average we would strive and aim to be EXTRA SIMPLE and EXTRA AVERAGE than the rest of the flock.

20 thoughts on “Run of the mill

  1. Your every post is so genuine , and being a teacher myself I obviously loved the TEACHERS example , I have observed through your daily gestures that you have a lot of respect for this profession !! Overall an amazing blog my favorite !! Lots of blessings ❀️

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  2. interesting post. I can relate to this because it happens to me often… however in my own case, even if I put down a thought on paper or MS Word document, I may develop it later or destroy it, depending on my conviction at the time… I dont know whether in my attempt to make something extraordinary out of my idea, it probably so happens that I end up destroying content that could have been produced… but like what I understood from your post, if I try to be ordinary, I could end up destroying nothing, and creating everything

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  3. There is so much to learn from ‘ordinary’ people. The lady who comes to help me has two children. Her husband is alcoholic and does not help her in any way. Her two girls go to school , she works in six houses but I have always seen her calm and quiet and going about her work with a smile. So many people waste their emotions . Well written.

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  4. I agree with you. Other than 5% on either side of bell curve, genius and lunatic, rest, 90% are average to a varying degree. Greatest asset and only asset of this category of people is hard work.

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  5. This is a great post and true ! I think society pushes us to the extreme at times. I’ve gone through thinking I was too ordinary and feeling as if I wasn’t enough comparing myself to others. It took time for me to realize that I’m doing something special helping others with what I do . It can be a thankless job but when I see the kids learning to cope it reminds me why I do what I do. Also, my writing may not be published yet but that doesn’t mean it never will. I’ve learned and am still learning to get where I’m going at my own pace – not society’s-. It’s not an easy lesson to learn but it’s an important one. A lot of my posts, I hope to help people to either escape their troubles, get into another perspective ( see things in a different light ) and enjoy adventures with imagination. These things help me so much on my journey and I like to encourage imagination and open thinking to my clients and my readers. Thanks for sharing such a great post ! I apologize that my comment was so lengthy. πŸ™‚ Your post just really got my wheels turning. Keep inspiring fellow blogger !☺️

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  6. Love this post. It highlights the human condition: whilst we engage in all this activity to be better, our health suffers, out fellow humans suffer, animals suffer and so does the planet!
    Thank you for visiting my blog! πŸ˜€

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  7. The last line is a killer πŸ™‚ Can almost visualise people fighting and saying, “No, I am more simple” and “No, I am more content”. We are all ordinary. Each one is his/ her own different way.

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