Blogger Appreciation Award

Nothing could have been better than receiving this nomination for TINSELTOWN. With every write up that I publish, I try to align it with a direction that is relatable to all. TINSELTOWN is by far my only post which was difficult to put through, everyone has a TINSELTOWN of their own and generalising it in a way that appeals to the notion of this contented place was a bit ticklish. Anyways, I am glad that most of the people could relate and connect. Also, it is really very kind of you Nanny MaryAnne to nominate me for this title, to be honest, I have no idea of how this post is supposed to be framed, I hope it’s going right. Since the list of questions mentioned in your post is way too long and as of now I don’t have genuine answers for most of them, I think it’s better to avoid that part of the task.

Proceeding further, a big thank you to everyone who has helped me grow my blog by reading, sharing, commenting and following most of my posts. Since I have connected with a limited number of bloggers so far, I have no more than 2 nominations. They are Novus Lectio and zero error You both have versatile blogs !! Do refer Nanny MaryAnne‘s post to check the further necessary details.

All those who are reading this post keep visiting MSKCAFE and a big thank you once again!!

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