Everything is created twice , first in your Tinseltown and then in reality

A reel land ?? A land of fantasy ??According to me it is nothing but one’s comfort zone and state of mind . A place where everything is in sync with one’s wants. It is a region where your heart feels delighted and contented . Right from your mom to a motivational speaker all tell you that real magic lies outside this snuggly zone. Have you noticed the reluctancy we generally exhibit when we have to go beyond this homely space ?? Ever wondered why ? All the preconceived notions and assumed ideologies are safe in our Tinseltown but the moment we step out , they are questioned and we find this obnoxious . We wish to be the dictator and want people to reside in our town without complaining but we tend to forget that they too have their wonderland !! Our Tinseltown is usually responsible for the generation of negative emotions towards others as we don’t like any intruders in it .

In spite of the fact that dreams are fulfilled outside this box , I feel it is very necessary to grab few moments at this congenial residence . Sometimes in the outside world even if you are right you may need to back off due to professional , emotional or mental pressures which may have adverse effects on your self esteem. In a world full of competitions and rat races , it is necessary to have a place entitled to oneself !! A locus where you see all your ambitions and wishes being fulfilled. It would help you to gain mental security which would in turn create the required balance to achieve success .

Path will loose its rythm only when you decide to inhabit this spot. It will no more remain serene , in fact it would soon turn into a liability . The way to secure your happy place is to try and be at least 20% of the “Tinseltown YOU ” in actuality. Build your kingdom , wrap up in it and delight in it !! Paint every possibility with different colors because everything is first created in your Tinseltown and then in reality !!

15 thoughts on “Tinseltown

  1. Very well said mahika,today life is become like reality show,scripted & written by so called daily challenges,targets???TINSELTOWEN will help to cherish at least few moments…….

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  2. Well said!! Mahika….. really it would become the need of hour in few years.As people do not give time to their ownself. With multi tasking burn out feeling is carried away but need to search a ways out of it.

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  3. This reminds me so much of when I was little . My friend and I would pretend that we owned the upper strip of my town . It’s cast off on this upper road and seems to be a separate town -separate country really. At least it did to us back then . We would walk around and admire the view and pretend we owned it all and like your post – like it was our own world. This post brought me some good memories . Thanks for another great post !

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  4. Beautiful post Mahika! I can definitely relate with this idea 🙂
    We all have our comfort zones and our ideal paths for ourselves. When we’re not alligned with who we truly are then we can lose our identity and happiness, but you’re also right that our idea of what is right in life for us is not always right in life for everyone else. We each have a unique path to follow and we need to be accepting of that in others aswell.
    I look forward to reading more from you!

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