Socially awkward, are you??

How often do you feel uncomfortable in a place where almost every person around is unfamiliar? actually, let me put it in simpler words. Imagine that you are in an alien location, you sense a person staring at you and is very likely to initiate a conversation anytime soon(because you are the one who’s standing extremely quiet)!! Now in this situation, how many of you would be caught in thoughts like: “please don’t ask me anything”, “don’t make eye contact”, “I want to go home” and so on?? Cut two, same situation, but you are accompanied by your best ones, won’t you be the one who’s chattering with every person that comes your way and laughing aloud?? Have you faced these kinds of scenes, well, I experience them very often !!

Sometimes these reactions are straight away labelled as “Social Anxiety”. I strongly feel its just social awkwardness!! Have you ever experienced taunts, that sarcastically yet efficiently point towards your preference for texting rather than calling!! You are always tempted to reply these with “I don’t have appropriate responses to continue the conversations after I am done with my point”. Isn’t it?? , but then we feel this answer is not self-explanatory, so we decide to smile and stay quiet.

The reason I am writing this blog is: very often I love this phase, there’s no need to explain your mood to others because they think you are just being “YOU”!! You can give yourself the required time & space!! The moment you feel that this kind of conduct is depressing you or is hampering your high spirits only then should you worry about “SOCIAL ANXIETY” but if it provides you with peace(basically avoids unnecessary drama) and keeps you relived then there’s no issue at all!! So next time if somebody questions “So, you don’t like to socialise?” just answer them with “I am socially awkward but extremely friendly”


18 thoughts on “Socially awkward, are you??

  1. Yeah! Exactly like you!
    Socially awkward is also called Introvert. Or Ambivert as you socialize easily with friends.
    I’m exactly in the same situation

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