Right & Righteous: crossroads or one path?

First thing first !! Why this topic ??. Recently I came across a viewpoint stating that “self-respect exists just in thoughts”. Initially, I tried really hard to defend my notions about self-regard but soon I realised it can indeed have 2 different perspectives. Being right vs being righteous is the origin of this dilemma. YES, they may “seem” the same !! but they are not !! Many times we get into a lot of trouble by convincing ourselves that we need to be right all the time. Then we don’t bother to think if we are righteous !! We’re afraid that conceding the validity of a viewpoint that differs from our own (even if that doesn’t necessarily mean we are “wrong”) will destabilize our very foundation of self-confidence. Has it ever hit you, that we aren’t really appreciative of other’s intervention in designing our opinion unless it is intentionally sought?

We need to be right, and we need to do things our way. If anyone challenges that, we’ll defend our right to be right. We’ll fight and argue over trivial issues just to prove OUR point, whether the topic at hand really matters or not. Let us consider that righteousness and believing you right go together but the typical expression of righteousness is usually articulated with a vexed tone. That’s exactly the point where we make 2 terms out of a whole !! Then it’s all about righteously indignant statements !! Nobody likes being on the receiving end of this indignation , neither you, nor me.

It’s difficult to govern that we aren’t marching down the street silently condemning everyone crossing our path as an utter fool. Now coming back to the crossroads or one path, according to me it’s both yet neither !! It is always better to be righteous in the right way, precisely speaking, in a moral way. There’s a greater need to imply the difference in being SELF RIGHTEOUS and possessing SELF CONFIDENCE only then can we conclude that there is nothing wrong with the later and the prior cannot be disguised for SELF RESPECT.

2 thoughts on “Right & Righteous: crossroads or one path?

  1. Oh wow !!! Amazing flow & also , What if I say that you have been amusing me with every passing day 😉 !!! Great to know you ,keep going dear… God bless !

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