Can you prioritise among the most special people ??

Some people in your life touch you so very deeply that you drown totally in that depth.

It’s strange to know that there are so many people who have the control of your life. Ideally, no one should hold the power to change your story but on another hand, it’s not necessary that ideal is real !! For a moment let’s keep the negative influence aside and talk about the positive ones. Love, care, affection and admiration amongst all of these what is supposed to be the priority ???

I wonder why some people are more important than others ?? Why do we grow dependent on few people inspite of knowing that they won’t stay forever ?? Human emotions are instanteneous , in this phase if you make a choice between two most dear ones would that be termed as selfish or just an act of vulnerability ?? There are numerous people who are close to your heart , but it often happens that in different circumstances you turn to different people , so does this mean that you are prioritising among priorities ?? or does it mean that all of them cannot be equally important at the same time ??Most of us are always asked a very entertaining question , “whom do you love the most MOM or DAD?” . Tiny tots choose one , matured ones just smile , intelligent ones term it as a hypothetical question and experienced ones say BOTH. What if there comes a day when we really have to choose one ? and choose not only among two people but among all the special people we have gathered through out ? May be for once you may even choose and what if the one you choose walks away ?

Truly, you can’t blame someone because their priorities are different than yours, all you can do is learn from them. Time has a wonderful way of showing us what really matters. We all are guilty of making someone a priority when all we are to them is an option. The funny part is, at some point, we’re all deluded enough to believe it’s mutual. This blog is all about questions , questions whose answers we don’t want to know !! According to me , circumstances push you to prioritise among the dearest . The only point is , all of them leave their imprints within you , these are the imprints you have to collect and combine to face the storm when all your priorities will walk away . People change and so do priorities. Keep up so you don’t get trampled by time’s ruthless stampede.

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