“Do you remember who you were , before the world told you who you should be ?”

“Who are you?” is the most frequently asked question. But do we genuinely understand who we are? In spite of being repeatedly asked, we still remain unaware of our true being. The usual answers to this question are just labels, I guess !! NAME, DESIGNATION and other replies are just the facts, but what about the actuality? A realisation that strikes me the most is not WHO AM I but WHO WAS I ? before being WHO I AM NOW!

The people around you define “YOUR WORLD”. As your company changes with time and place, the world also reorients. This creates a difference in your personality and perspective. When at home, parents and family become “the world”. As a child, it was all about following what they said and blindly implementing their advice, without perceiving its importance. But now I recognise that the intention behind these suggestions was not to force me to fit in their shoes but to develop me as an individual. Later “THE WORLD” reshaped itself in the form of school. Friends and teachers being an integral part of it . At that point completions, submissions, befriending and greeting the people around,was a part of instructions and rules. Now I unravel that every directive had its purpose, some taught punctuality while some inculcated the gravity of respect. “WORLD” again redefined itself when college came into the picture, unlike school ,there was no one to guide and dictate the paths . A protective bubble suddenly burst and that’s when I came to terms with “who i was , before the world taught me who i should be” !!!

“THE WORLD” has changed me from an apprehensive,impulsive, immature and emotional person to a compassionate,ethical,considerate and selective individual !! It has prepared me to make compassionate choices and take level-headed decisions. Fortunately I have had an immensely secure world because of which : WHO I AM NOW is the better version of WHO I WAS !!

One thought on “Better

  1. You indeed are a wonderful person !! And until you have this awareness of external contributions , you will only get better and better !! ❤️❤️

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