Courage of Conviction

MAJORITY is one man with the courage of his convictions

The moment we think of courage, thoughts of bravery strikes our mind, like knights in shining armour rescuing damsels in distress, but courage is something more than that, courage is the quiet resolve and commitment to act bravely, it is overcoming your own fears. Fears that become limits, limits that tame you forever !! Conviction is possessed by everyone, it is a firmly held belief that all of us have about something or the other.

Courage plays a vital role when it comes to facing situations you never wanted to or were never prepared for but conviction gives you the reason to stand up for. Each one of us has a say over every incident that takes place, all of us want it to be implemented but most of us do not show the willingness to bear the consequences of it, we do not portray the readiness to own that say if it turns out to be a chaos. We want to express our opinions but always hunt for a bait, fearing what if it creates unrest. In a world full of outlooks, perspectives and judgements it is extremely demanding to take a stance on our own point, the reasons to do so may be varied. The dread of standing against a majority, the dismay of outcome, avoid trouble and so on. Due to these reasons, we have forgotten that sticking to our own set of beliefs and ethics is the priority. Sometimes just due to these rationales, we tend to go with decisions that have no foundations. Not only accepting and following your own thoughts is vital but owning your mistake and taking the responsibility of your actions is equally significant. The only way to improvise is to own your mistake and the sole way to prohibit it is EGO.

Courage and conviction are an integral part of one’s personality but “courage of conviction” shapes the character. A sound character doesn’t have to worry about consequence.

6 thoughts on “Courage of Conviction

  1. I know Mahika. how true. such a simple word Courage but the bravest thing anyone can do is to apply it.
    Everyday fighting negative thoughts, dealing with disappointments, handling failures what we require most is the courage of conviction.
    Great content
    Thanks for sharing ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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