Some posts, numerous views and multiple followers in a single year !! It has been a year of blogging !! To be specific the blog has gathered 18 posts, 4798 views and 500 followers !!

Throughout this year there were some topics that I wished to write about, but couldn’t find conclusions for them, thus they remained as thoughts to ponder upon. the ones I published posed a challenge of keeping them precise. With every new post, the views and viewers grew gradually, I found different ways of expressing what I feel. While proceeding with every blog I got introduced to numerous new perspectives, few I agreed with and others were just very interesting to know. The most wonderful take away for me is that I have come to terms with planning and execution. In a minor way, the process of blog writing has made me realise that whatever you plan does not necessarily get executed and sometimes execution turns out to be better than planned !! There are posts wherein I had queued up thoughts to be penned down but in a flow, the queue was interrupted, edited and improvised and the result was very surprising for me too . On the other hand, there were topics which I had expected to possess extreme brilliance but they didn’t turn up to be so.

To sum up, there are a plethora of thoughts and topics left incomplete, the increasing likes have become an integral part of my happiness. There are numerous bloggers that I follow(The Loyal Brit Wit , A Happy Little Bookworm,Observer’s oration, a few more to the list)and their ways of writing have had an impact on mine, few concepts that I am desperate to portray but not able to find the proper way. There are 2 awards attached to my blog and that’s like icing on the cake. The further blogs I’ll try to make them regular, interesting and divergent.

2 thoughts on “365/365

  1. A good self-assessment. 🍸 By the way, perhaps you’d like to do something about the ‘About page’ (there’s where bloggers say a little something about themselves and/or their blogs). Just saying. Happy anniversary! Cheers!

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