I want to meet myself from someone else’s point of view

An eye-catching phrase, isn’t it? Well, I found it significantly accurate. It’s not that people’s outlook matters a lot to me but genuinely, umpteen times I find myself pondering upon “what did they perceive me as? ” That’s because I have a viewpoint regarding every individual.Be it the ones who are a crucial part of my life or those whom I come across daily.

There are some with whom I feel extremely comfortable to share every emotion, then there are those who are a part of my routine but I sense the need of being reserved while in their company.The consequence of my conduct is: the former feel I am affectionate and the latter imagine I am reticent, whereas I am the same person throughout!! It has always been my wish to recognize the different echoes of myself.Instead of what is believe, coming to terms with why it is believed makes sense.No doubt we are usually self-aware and try to implement improvisations every single day, but it rarely happens that we become detractors for ourselves (I don’t mean completely discouraging oneself ).In this situation, viewing yourself from someone else’s point of view may be a wise option !!

For instance, I want to meet myself from my parent’s point of view, they are extremely protective of me and I really want to know which traits of mine are responsible for this.What is it due to which they find it important to instruct me regarding every ongoing. I would love to view myself from the sight of those who feel I make them proud, I would definitely want to understand that feeling !!Not much welcomed but it would surely be riveting to understand my shade from those, with whom I was never on talking terms or the ones who are offended by my actions.

Characteristics of a person are certainly defined based on people’s perspective if this wasn’t true how could a single entity be labelled as softspoken, arrogant, introvert, outgoing and innumerable contradictory attributes?

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