Safe now?

In addition to the brutally shattered 8-year-old, a slogan(apparently raised for creating awareness ) is deeply disturbing. “Take back the night,” it says ! as if the victims have to do something to prevent these atrocities.These weeping words won’t lead to the difference but the sword of justice surely will.

Kidnapped, raped, drugged, tortured, starved and murdered !! A child who was completely unaware of the outside world was suddenly exposed to its cruellest face! A soul who was taught to believe in humanity as the supreme religion was shoved unshielded to the ruthless act of creed. Her torments are questioned with a justification that “she didn’t bleed saffron”. Does it really matter? Isn’t the terror of smeared survival enough to punish those beasts, who treated her like a piece of meat? The short top, the burkha and the frock all stand vulnerable to this cruelty now. She lost her entity in the same place of worship where goddesses have the highest prestige, she was subjected to inhumane in a country where women are considered nonpareil. 6 years ago Nirbhaya’s dignity was misplaced and now Asifa’s cries are neglected, thousands of women are till date struggling to fight the haunting thoughts!

What was her fault? her name? her gender? or her innocence? All of it I suppose because they chased religion in her name, acquiescence in her gender and incentive in her innocence. These sadists have blemished pristine faith, pious beliefs and above all the motherland in which her daughter once felt secured. The almighty that she believed in wasn’t responsible for her suffering, the idol that the devils created was! Somewhere under his wings , the little child must be wondering if she is really safe now?

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20 thoughts on “Safe now?

  1. Dear Mahika, well written dear!!! Unfortunate but so true….. Really there should be a strict law against this offend and strict actions are required… Proud to be lady… Your forum will surely create alertness and awareness… God bless you dear… Keep it up…

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  2. True, earliest severe punishment might create little fear to such criminals. Too sad kid who has not even seen the world have to face the consequences of religious hatred.

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  3. That is a beautiful post. I have a feeling Asifa had no idea what had happened to her. A woman on her period is advised against visiting a temple, but they can make an eight year old bleed in there to satisfy their lust – I don’t care what excuse they gave in the name of religion or clothes or whatever, the country hasn’t changed since Nirbhaya, the mindsets of the people hasn’t changed for the better if it hasn’t gotten worse, and it’s shameful for something like this to happen. I’m not religious much, but if they are willing to defile God’s own residence, I don’t know where it’s safe any more.

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  4. Smiling to your kind expression . Don’t know you personally but you seem to be soft spoken yet a considerate person !! People close to you would certainly be proud of you ! God bless you dear child !

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  5. These people are nothing but bunch of retards who just simply be killed and their lives should be separated from their bodies.

    But think of it, what’s happening exactly. Poor child lost her dignity in a temple, then there happened to be another child who suffered in Madarsa. These are actually reported but the unreported ones are beyond count.

    Those culprits are primarily guilty but who else. We are also responsible. Because rape doesn’t just kill the dignity it also kills the soul. The horror extends after the gruesome event where society doesn’t accept them.

    The screwed up media, the idiotic politicians, the insensitive society and Ofcourse we, the proud Indian men. Everyone is responsible. These monsters are constantly fed on our weaknesses. Until this weakness is not addressed, unfortunately our mothers, sisters, wives, daughters, friends and all would live in deep danger

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  6. It’s indeed terrifying and heart wrenching . The kind of sensitivity & sensibility you have exhibited while voicing your opinion makes me so proud , Mahika ! Lots of blessings! ❤️


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