O Alquimista – I

This post and maybe few of my future posts would revolve around my recent read . A book that is something more than just words, a fable that seems to speak and a tale of six days of creation and their aspects.These 200 pages are wrapped with a story of fate, destiny, omen, soul, prognostication, desires, beliefs, existence and the most important MAKTUB. It is like caravans, we make a lot of detours, but we are always heading for the same destination. There are instances where you come across ideas that preoccupy your thoughts for a long span leading you to a new meaning every single time. Following is the description of one such thought.

There is a universal language that isn’t bound to words or rules. It follows one simple format and each person who inculcates it, is capable of interpreting this script. It is written with the ink of luck and coincidence and originates from a belief which says that when a person really desires something, all the universe conspires to help that person realize his dream. Every step taken towards achieving your dream starts with beginner’s luck and ends with the victors being severely tested. I guess all experience this quite a few times but aren’t able to perceive it maybe because we are not aware of it.According to me there is a process between deciding to take the first step and actually taking it forth . Usually, this process gives you a rough idea of the further execution and the end result. If things fall into place or turn out to be better than expected we tend to term it as luck or in some sense we consider it as a good omen (don’t we ??) and most of the times carrying out this process is not very difficult. This phenomenon is known as the beginner’s luck where incidents are in your favour because the soul of the world relates that you are realizing your dreams. It is only when you are close to your goals you come across adversities that’s exactly the point where you are tested for your perseverance and courage.

If you give up then that wasn’t for you but if you succeed then you have accomplished your alchemy. You have just transformed into a better version of yourself.The achievement, the failure, the process and the odds may be all of it was destined.Your heart just knew it and your intuitions sometimes suddenly immersed you into the universal current of life. MAKTUB !!! as I mentioned earlier, means nothing but “all is already written”.

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