The Rollercoaster 

Currently my social feed is crowded with new year messages ⛩️ and one question ,”how was your 2017 ??” 2017 for me was no less than a rollercoaster . 

It began with batch segregation , one thing led to other and the year went by . Anxiety had started piling up as the entrance exams 📖 approched . 2 years of hardwork was to going to get its yield , foundation for a strong career was going to be built . Each step taken was going to be vital , 2017 was going to be the creator !!! After all the exams when this turmoil 🌪️ had just started to settle , the result dates flashed on various sites . “Results are going to be as expected , I have given my best “. I used to console myself every single day .  Finally the D-day arrived , JEE results were going to be declared at 1:00 pm . I waited very patiently (at least I felt so) . The clock striked 2:00 ⏳ and the results were still loading , time passed by , finally at almost 4:00 – 4:30 I lost my cool . The pressure took control over me ⚡making me restless and insecure !!! I needed to speak it out My close ones became the viticm to my impatience what will people think about me if I don’t get into a decent college ?? The 2 year’s efforts , will it go waste ??They had to statisfy this kind of immature doubts and they did !! Soon the admission procedure started and I got my desired college . All was worth it I said only then 😂😂 

2017 consists of numerous other moments  , but for me these both incidents sum up my year !! Because they are the most thrilling😵 Ups and Downs in this rollercoaster 🎢 !!

13 thoughts on “The Rollercoaster 

    1. Thank you….its not that I had a tough time or rough memories , 2017 was packed with numerous joyous moments too . But the time period that I hve written about was a total new experience for me . It was something I never imagined I would come across . M glad u could connect . Happy new year !!

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