To , The list reader 

Dear Santa , 

I think the last time I entered your name to the receiver’s section was when I had added “SANTA” to my wish list . Many years have passed by since then . I hope you are still the same plump , wish granting factory in a red costume and white beard 🎅. 

Didn’t write to you for so long because I was pretty disappointed 😱 when I didn’t find you under the Christmas tree 🎄 that year . And the reason I am writing today is : throughout these years I have realised , though not under any tree but you did give me my gift🎁 . You surrounded me with those who fulfill my wishes not immediately but surely . There were some whom I mistook to be your elves but unfortunately they weren’t . That’s okay !! Alas ! , not everyone is meant to be special , right?? and the ones who always ensure my happiness have made me believe that every person who crosses your path leaves either a lesson to smile or a reason to smile 😊. So , I won’t complain .

I chose to write a letter and not a wish list because I was very wise with my previous one 😂😂 and trust me there’s nothing better I can ask for . Before I sign off this letter , I have a request . It may happen that (I will try my best to avoid it , but still , you never know 🙄) unintentionally , I may hurt or disstress my close ones . But you see it to that they are there with me always and forever .  

With warm Regards 🖤 ,                                    ” you know who ”

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