Today’s word that blinked on my timeline was cherish . As soon as I read this word a treasured memory striked my thoughts .
Christmas has always been very close to my heart . Right from when I was a toddler till date , I eagerly wait for this occasion . The decorated churches πŸ’’ and the Christmas bells always fascinate me . And like any other child , I too wished to own at least a bit of the things that I found attractive . I wanted a mesmerizing decor at my house too. The immature me , then decided to tell santa that when he arrives , he should give me my decorations . The next day I woke up to disappointment . Didn’t find any bells 🎐 and lights πŸŽ‡ around my house . Sitting in a corner with a frown , I heard my parents calling me at the terrace . On my terrace , I saw a small Christmas tree planted in a pot . Yes !! That was my Christmas tree and since santa comes in a sliegh he couldn’t enter the house so he left my gift 🎁 on the terrace (that’s what I believed then .) Today My Christmas tree πŸŽ„ is about 6 feet high and extremely beautiful 😍 . I won’t mind boasting that it does have a magical touch . Every year when I decorate it for the eve , I cherish this moment all over again .


5 thoughts on “A SEASON TO CHERISH

  1. Awww !! Pretty facinated as a kid I must say πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚ ! Innocent write ups match wonderfully with your words by the way . Lots of blessings!❀️

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