That Day

Memories haunt and fears remain , but the souls and the city stood up again . A salute to all the valiant martyrs , who still reside in the heart of the nation . 9 years to the day , that shattered every single being . 

The day of 26/11 ,when hundreds of mothers cried but still stand proud .The day that tested patience , courage and perseverance .The day , that till date scares a small child sitting at the window waiting for his parents to return . Frightens a bride waiting for her groom to celebrate a relation that would probably have been 9 years old today .The day , when innocent lives paid for destructive ideologies .

The dusk , that shattered the soul of city nurturing 18 million people.The dusk , that fears a knock on the doors assuming it would be the death of dreams .The dusk , that saw 10 men responsible for the pool of blood .

The night , world witnessed a complete nation resting on the shoulders of few brave men . Those brave men who laid themselves to see their city and their people stand yet again .The night ,  that was going to be responsible for creating more of such valiant beings .The night , every human hugged each other tightly and the night , that devastated families but united a nation once and hopefully forever.

Apart from those sleepless 60 hours and the cruel face of humanity , there was something more frightening that day . It was , the words that the man with AK_47 uttered , when asked about his inhumanity . His justification for his actions was , he did it for his god and his fight for his god was a source of income for him . Why do we blame religions , when money is what takes and manipulates lives ?? Our prayers for the gone won’t bring them back . But our priorities today will definitely prevent another 26/11 . Money isn’t as precious as life : is a lesson the day of terror and the people of valiance taught us .

11 thoughts on “That Day

  1. Wonderful !! You do write from the bottom of your heart . I nominate you for the Liebster award . A badge will appear on your award acceptance post if you follow all the conditions . Good luck with your future blogs .

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