My Frame

Recently I came across a post , that read : “being groomed is not the task , but acknowledging the reasons behind it is definitely one” . When I saw this ,at first, I completely agreed with it , but as I proceeded with this blog , it was totally different . I realised it is more of revisiting the person you were , it is about the frames that keep you from falling apart . It is a story of few people , so here goes an interesting chapter ::

There’s a journey behind every bond you value .One such bond , I have , that has groomed me throughout the years .From being nervous to approach her , to sharing every thought , it is a travel worth cherishing .A support that stood by ,and a hand that held me tight , while I was juggling between being diffident to evolving as confident . A non judging ear , never tired of understanding my futile attitude .From “just a teacher” to being “my mentor” , it is her , who made the paths easier .Its a decade of the journey , responsible for the enhanced difference between the 8 year old me and the 18 year old me .

There are numerous frames for every foundation , but only few are the strongest. I admire mine !!

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45 thoughts on “My Frame

  1. Really liked the way you have expressed your sentiments🔥🔥 I believe in appreciating each one , who has been a vital part of life , at some or other point. N like most of the comments above I too wouldn’t mind saying you are lucky .

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  2. Damn !!! That’s lit 👌👌I almost imagined a picturesque of the journey !
    Just one question , is it really about u ?? Or the words overpowering yet again ??

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  3. Woah !! superb shot !! I know by now u must be tired of reading “is it for real ?” . So m giving u a different question , really interested to know the reaction of the lady u hve written about 😉😉😉 done blogger ???

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  4. I won’t say envy , but would definitely state that u r pretty blessed. Not everybody has a mentor like yours (not me at least !! ) that too for this long . Great flair u posses . Keep writing .

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  5. Woah woah !! Hang on blogger !! That’s perfectly on ” point “. Happy to know that guidance is still the ultimate tool . I too know someone like this…so I am connected to this post emotionally…you just got one more follower !!!!

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  6. That’s so very cute !!! Not very often u come across such “pleasing to the heart” posts , I am glad I did . I have written something revolving around the similar concept . U can connect with it for sure . All the best wishes to u Keep blogging !!

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  7. Hats off to the person you have mentioned . I appreciate the way you have expressed your heart in those few lines !! Loved it . Keep the emotions and the words high . All the best .

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  8. Hey !! The way you have created the plot that’s really amazing and the concluding lines are also great . There’s a bloggers badge called “AGNITIO” , I would love to nominate you for the same . But the description put up though impactful is short. You can extend it by adding a few more lines as to what makes that person special for you…..that will make you eligible for the nomination . I won’t insist you to change it but I wish this writeup gets nominated !

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      1. Honestly for me this post is more of expressing what I think n extending it just for the badge doesn’t seem appealing .Thanks for letting me know about AGNITIO , that was very nice of you , I really appreciate your gesture .

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  9. Oh my girl !!! This is beautiful !! Simple, cute & wonderful !! You give me “Wish , I had read it earlier” kind of feeling ,Mahika!! Lots of blessings ❤️

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