When I saw this post and feedback about my blog on my wordpress timeline, the first eye catching sentence was : “publish a blog about this award ” . So here it is .
I started blogging after I finished with my last entrance exam . That’s because I had lot of time then and I was not sure what the results awaited for me . So… then I had developed a philosophical outlook to many things . I thought I should express this perspective . Writing a diary was an option but then “”maintenance””😵 that was the obstacle . So I chose to write blogs as nothing is lost from the virtual platform.

As I proceeded with my each blog , i realized its not about time I wished to spend , but about my thoughts that I needed to portray . With my blogs I realized there are people who connect with my thoughts and this award made my realization even stronger that not all philosophies are same.

The best thing about blogging is : You can pen down your thoughts and watch that there are people with the same thoughts as yours and these blogs are not lost anywhere unlike the diary pages 😉

Thanks a tonne for this nomination and the feedback .

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