From treating virtual world as a break from the real one to considering it as an alternative . We have started replacing the reality with an illusion . We are shifting from visiting the virtual world to residing in it . Friend circles have now become friend lists , sweet conversations have become unending chats , ignorance is now termed as “blocked” and togetherness is now a conference call !!

Virtual world is fun when you experience the moments in reality and then share it on the virtual platform. But scenario of the hour is , we try to create a moment virtually , wait for other’s opinion and then share it in reality . I realized this on the day of diwali , when instead of appreciating and cherishing the decor , capturing it and sharing it on social sites had become my priority . Rather than relishing the delicacies I was more bothered about snapping them all in one single pic so that it “looks” attractive. Moral of the incident is : when you check your social feeds on a special eve you will find snaps of the celebrations conveying the wishes , then you further notice that the celebrations have not begun but clicking the preparations was more important and if you ponder on the topic further more , you will also conclude that you are doing the same thing .  The scariest thing is that : it is all unintentional which means its almost a habit now !!! We have developed proclivity towards it !!

Its not that we haven’t perceived how important the real world is ,we definitely have . But what we did is , we shifted form “virtual” to “Near to reality” i.e “virtual reality”  and it has become an amazing experience for us !!! Why ??? why are we still stuck with “close to reality” instead of switching back to “reality” ?? Why are we choosing to reside in an illusion when we have million of beautiful things awaiting in real !! The ironic part is after recognizing how embossing the virtual world is I have again turned to it in order to express this “realization” 😛 . That’s because virtual platform is a very strongly connected platform , just that its not worth residing !!

SO ?? In which society do you find yourself ?? The real one or the virtual one ??


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