A Promise !!

Mentor , guide , well-wisher and plenty other synonyms strike our mind when we think about the word “TEACHER” . “Teaching” the sole passion that stands strong behind every other existing profession . I didn’t term it as profession because for any professional it is not possible to invest their time , energy and effort (that too willingly) in creating a better path for others , without expecting any acknowledgement.

A “TEACHER” is not merely a relationship , it is a silent promise which says ” I WAS , I AM AND I WILL BE THERE WITH YOU FOREVER ” . A promise that acts as a small lamp in a tunnel , it may not show everything at once BUT gives enough light for NEXT STEP to be safe and sure .

Actually all of these things have been said , told , written earlier but I thought there is no better time than today  to acknowledge these self less efforts once again , because its their day , its TEACHERS DAY !!

At whatever point I am standing today , one thing is pretty sure that there is a TEACHER standing strong behind me , ready to guide me (as always) to be where I wish to be . So this is to all the amazing teachers out there who have always been a promising support : WISH YOU ALL A VERY HAPPY TEACHERS DAY  !!



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