Sail away !!

via Daily Prompt: Sail

Have you all noticed , a pleasant dream results into a pleasant day . So today lets sail away to the  world of imagination (kind of day dreaming) . Just escape the routine and tensions for a while , trust me its amazing . There is nothing new with this blog , but this same old trick works every time.

So all your things are packed and you are set for the journey , suddenly you realize you have to ring up your companions . You pick up your phone and dial the numbers in your contact list , TRING – TRING the bell goes , with every ring your excitement piles up. Every person that you call replies with “ready for the trip buddy , just on the way to your house ” . This brings a wide smile on your face(unknowingly) . A long but fabulous car journey leads you the port (yes , you have a cruise booking) , there stands the gigantic and the all lighted up cruise . You climb in and the wooden floored magnificent corridors catch your sight . Its already 8:00 pm now , so you proceed towards the dinning area ,the table is set up with the delicacies you like . The sea food platter , steaming sizzlers and smoky soups . You are full but the food has captivated your thoughts (that feeling “i wanna eat , but i can’t) , somehow you get over it . The whole night you spend chatting your companions on the deck , the topics get interlinked and the talks become unending . The cruise halts on a beautiful island the next morning , the sun is about to rise and the sky appears yellowish orange (the view is wow!!!!) . You get down and term this place is heaven on earth , the spots that you see make you journey even more memorable . The lush green trees , clear blue streams and the soft clean sand on the beach .Its already evening now , because you spent too much time on the beach you have missed out on 2-3 other spots(never mind) . You sit around the camp fire in silence the music is being played , the beach has now turned into a happening place . But amid all the noise you are cherishing the peace and moments with  yourself (you needed this alone time desperately) .

The cruise has to leave now , journey back home . You stand on the deck the whole night and watch the still water , and the ripples that the ship creates as it moves .The quiet ,black ,starry sky seems new to you . The day sets in an you realize you have been awake the whole night . You get down with all the wonderful moments in your luggage , again a car journey , but this time a silent one , brings you back to the destination from where you has started .

Now you are back to your daily life but with a new energy . Have a good day ahead !!!!



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