A journey worth it !!

So let me start by telling you all about the journey I have mentioned. This is that journey where you have companions not followers and with every checkpoint when you look beside , you realize who are there in your life for a reason and who were there for a season. By the time you reach your destination you have all those people who have stood by you all the way and will stand by you forever !! . This journey is fondly termed as FRIENDSHIP, it is not about who was there the longest but about who joined in and never left .

The transformation from being selfish to selfless is known as FRIENDSHIP . It goes from “will they understand me” to “only they can understand me” , from “should I share this with them” to “I need to share this with them” , from “do I need them” to “I need them right now” . FRIENDSHIP in its initial phase is self centered (for me it was , you could have been a selfless friend from the very beginning ,no offence :D) we choose our friends depending upon our comfort , our notions and our expectations . Gradually it reaches to that level of understanding and dependence where it becomes difficult for you to remember how your life was before you met them .

I chose to write about this today because in few days I and my friends in fact “my school friends” (our friendship is more than 12 year old now!! really  long time!!) will be choosing the starting point for our respective careers . Different ways , different fields , different trades , different colleges , but i am very sure that we will always be best of friends because we have been together at every turn , at every check point and through out the journey . Things like ” Call me when you begin the assignment” or the very common one “Tell me in short about it before the exam begins ” made the best memories. It won’t really make a difference even if we don’t meet for years together (although I know this won’t happen , but just in case !! :P) .

We all have these kind of friends and a memorable journey to cherish . Some halts are sweet , some are  bitter but each one is treasured . I hope you could connect with me all the way through this blog and for once you must have smiled thinking that the JOURNEY WAS REALLY WORTH IT !!!!





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