The shadows of silence !!

While having a conversation with someone , if the other person chooses to remain silent , do we consider it as a response or the person’s reluctance to talk any further ? We feel that it depends upon the situation but usually it depends on “our” perspective towards the listener , right ?

” SILENCE IS GOLDEN ” , a phrase that is known to everybody , but is it always golden ? . In today’s  world where expressing yourself effectively governs all the opportunities , can being silent be considered as a wise decision ? . Surely sometimes silence can be the most eloquent reply , but you never know if it gets conveyed the way you want it to be . The ironic part is you have no control over the assumptions made regarding your silence and the ways it gets carried further .

Sometimes you might have heard people saying : “your silence proves you are guilty ” , “your silence shows you are hurt ” , “you are silent because you are hiding something ” , “you are silent , it means you quit ” , “your silence depicts your ignorance” . A simple silence has different meanings , different shadows , we don’t notice all of them but just the ones with which we are concerned . SILENCE does’t get your point across , so either speak up or don’t expect any change. (Trust me , it is true in today’s times)

Silence is undoubtedly the greatest art of conversation , but if used at right time and in the right situation , because it says a lot more than you think . It is full of answers , but seeking the right answers is very important . It can be the door of consent and it can also be the way to suspicion . It can be the fence around wisdom and it can also be the benefit to the tormentor . Prayer is the purest shadow of silence but revenge is its most dangerous form . Thus choosing the appropriate shadow is the crucial part , be careful with it .



9 thoughts on “The shadows of silence !!

  1. Silence is very tricky. I need to work on being comfortable with silence more, I often jabber just to fill space. But silence can be very beautiful and connecting.

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