The twist of time !!

Hi guys !! considering the title , first thought that must have come to your mind is how is this blog going to be different than other things that are already said about time , but just wanted to share my views on the warrior called time . ” TIME ” is not a new topic for anybody of us , but the way we value it at different instances in our daily life is certainly something not usually spoken about . Before an exam every minute is important , before the results each second piles up anxiety , months that pass by execute the plans and years witness the development .

Time is like a bank that credits you every day with 86,400 sec (numbers leave a strong impact ).Every night it writes off what you have failed to invest and the unused balance is lost . What would you do ? Draw every cent , of course !! go ahead make the most out of it. A mistake that we (including me ) commonly tend do is we value time depending upon situations . May be an hour today is considered more important than an hour spent the previous day just because there was something crucial to be done in that “vital” hour . To realize the value , of ONE YEAR ask a student who has repeated a grade , of ONE WEEK ask the editor of a weekly newspaper , of ONE DAY ask the person who has lost his close one just a day before , of ONE MINUTE ask him who just missed the train , of ONE SECOND ask a person who has just avoided an accident . A minute now is better than a minute later .

We all have our own TIME MACHINES some take us back and are called memories and some take us forward and are known as dreams and the journey is termed as present , so make it wonderful  , to make the paths beautiful .Time is a healer , a reminder , a companion and a guide . You may delay but time won’t , so spend every second to the fullest .

Have a nice day everyone !! (I tried to keep it short but words have great power !!)


15 thoughts on “The twist of time !!

  1. Mahika you have once again pleasantly surprised me with this blog !!! You are a versatile girl and hats off to your initiative ………Your blog is full of your experience and wise words, i can see u through…… i am so very proud of you, as always……well, this is just the beginning, keep going as though there’s no one to stop you ….

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